Flowers of the Bible

A series of hand carved relief prints that depict a variety of biblical scenes through an extended metaphor derived from Luke.

For me, art is as much about the process as it is about the final product. I am a relief printer, screen printer, digital artist, and software engineer. Art is usually a break for me from the occasional monotony of computer science classes. My art has been inspired from a variety of sources: everything from nature to religion, from pop culture to mathematics. As an artist and a software engineer, I am always looking for ways to combine my two fields of expertise and create innovative art that utilizes modern software practices like neural networks and machine learning. Beyond photography, there are very few examples of mixed media works that employ both traditional art mediums like printmaking and machine learning algorithms. Since the machine learning algorithms require software expertise to create, these works of arts are often created by computer scientists instead of traditional artists. This leads to a very technical interpretation of the definition of art that focuses on logic and methodology instead of emotion and feeling that often results in an albeit interesting but seemingly uninspired piece. I want my work to focus on the emotional impact derived from traditional mediums while still experimenting with how art can evolve as technologies evolve.